Spout + performance

hiho all,

finally found some time to play around with alphaversions :p

at the very first:
this spout thing seems to be awesome!
thanx devvvvs!

while testing network streaming using TCPspout i noticed this:

within Spout (EX9.Texture Sender).v4p the Info (EX9.Texture) needs the very most of the resources.
for my understanding this node should be only necessary during “force update”; so i tried to sample those resulting 3 integers
intending to enable the Info (EX9.Texture) only temporarily.

after some --wasted-- spent hours it seems that for whatsoever reason this isn’t possible using that alpha (64bit 50alpha34.104 from 42588.8135 d).

but why?

my vvvvery best regards to all of you!

hei kalle,

good to hear from you. regarding the info node seemingly taking a lot of resources please read this: 'Info (EX9.Texture)' excessive CPU usage + low frame rate

so i am afraid there is nothing really that can be done here. what is really slow here is the fact that the texture has to go from gpu to cpu and be compressed for network transmission. if you do spout to spout directly (without network in between) you should see hardly any performance loss.

hey! jo! reg!

thx for the helpful link ( which btw doesn’t work but searching for “info excessive” did… )
i have been assuming something like that already.

unluckily its exactly the network transmission feature which is from interest for me…

replacing the sending vvvv-patch with …\Spout2\DEMO\SpoutSender.exe works btw. perfectly with 60fps via network while using my vvvv-sender results with some stuttering/flickering things.
receiver is of course made with vvvv in both cases.

let me guess the answer:
that spoutsender.exe creates its texture on cpu and doesn’t need to deal with the gpu?!?


nono, it is also doing some gpu-stuff which is the whole point of spout: seamless communication between different gpu-based programs.

have you tried a vvvv patch that also does only a spinning textured cube at the same resolution as the demosender does?