Spout DX11 throws error state when changing AA Samples


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open “Spout (DX11.Texture Sender) help.v4p” coming with Spout DX11 pack
  2. Change AA Samples per pixel e.g. to 8.

This changes the state of the Spout sender to: “Texture not shared. No Shared Handle available from the connected texture.”

The only way to recover from this state is:

  1. Change AA Samples per pixel back to 1.
  2. ALT + Right-click the Spout sender.

BTW: https://vvvv.org/contribution/spout-dx11 states: “If it doesn’t work for you try to reset ALT+R the Spout (DX11.Texture Receiver) node.” I guess it should be ALT + Right-click instead.


i wonder if the problem with AA is probably a limitation by the system. you may be able to find out about this on the spout forum: http://spout.zeal.co/forums/forum/spout/

and thanks for the pointer regarding alt+r, i fixed that on the contribution page.


Thanks. I think I don’t know enough about Spout to make a proper request on the forum at this stage. Searching the forum for “AA” or “Antialiasing” did give me any useful results.

  • What makes you conclude it’s a limitation of Spouts system?
  • Is there no way for the Spout sender to recognise this type of change and recover from it automatically and cleanly?

Thank you. You’re welcome.