Splitting Mesh into boxes

Hi all, starting from a mehs geometry, how can i slice it into a boxes spread ? so creating a grid of meshes (N x N x N), that represent teh original singular mesh ? Guess everything has to pass by vertex buffer but what about resulting boxes not totally filled by original mesh volume ? Hope I was clear thank u

Hi hierro,

I don’t really understand, sorry. Usually you would deal with triangles in 3d geometry, and you can use modules like ‘Jianzhi’ to split a mesh into triangles and move them around that way:


But, as best as I can understand, you want to take each vertex position and place a 3d cube there. But you also want to be able to determine whether any of these cubes will extrude outside the boundaries of the original mesh? The first bit isn’t very tricky, but for the last part you may need to do some more complex calculations using the scaling and rotations of your cubes, along with the normals and faces/vertices of your geometry.

i think this is the place to ask for a “xfile-slipter-to-get-faces-way or thing”, the normals and separate faces doesnt work dn why,

many thnks!!!

ment spliter, sory!

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