Splitting 1 texture to 2 led arrays


i have been asking to some people here but i could not get a 100% working solution for this. Attached is a sample patch where i am trying to split a texture to 2 led arrays which will be send trough artnet (each panel is 1 universe).
I am getting a strange stretch and distorted effekt on the corners and sides of the panels. Also they dont seem to be patched the correct way on the final array window.

Any help is appreciated.

split3.v4p (57.3 kB)

You want to grab the first nine squares of every row (for the left screen).

So some “clever” maths will do just that. Learn Resample (Spreads) and I (Spreads) in combination with +, - and * and a Getslice for things like this.

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split4.v4p (23.6 kB)

Like this… no text …

split3-ColorSplit.v4p (41.9 kB)

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@west I think what you do using resample can be simplified to using BinSize on GetSlice.

@sunep, always get confused with that, but that is clever!! Thanks for extending my binsize knowledge :)

Thanks for both answers. Without the community i would be lost! Seriously… :)

I like both solutions.

Attached both files again with another question (i tried to show you that on the files what i mean):

How can i just rotate the arrays 90 degrees to left to give a 18x9 horizontal array without dmx patching everything again?

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split3-ColorSplit-SUNEP.v4p (43.0 kB)
split4-WEST.v4p (23.6 kB)

Swapdim does that magic for you.

split5.v4p (22.7 kB)

its not swapdim.
WEST did that magic to me!

thanks for all man…