Spliting a group of number

Now the sensor sent me a group of data like this in the black scream.And then, I put it in .txt ,
Now I want to change this “string” to two “values”. But “Asvalue” can not identify this group of data.

I honestly don’t know if there’s one too much Separate (String).


@h99 How can I load this group of numbers in the .dll directly?
It`s trouble to put it in txt and then loading, because Refresh rate is not fast enough.

This is a big question. I can not answer, because I don’t know what dll does and I don’t know what you are doing in vvvv.
Make a new thread and post your material. If I can not help you, someone else will be able to help.

Here is the simple illustration. I have a radar on the top of the wall. It can rotate itself. when rotating, it emit infrared rays.If the infrared rays encounters an obstacle,it will feedback the angle and length in the .dll . I use this radar to get the location of the obstacle.

the black circle is the radar, the blue circle is the obstacle.


since it’s not what your patch does that matters right now, as I understand, but its logic and its code.
Someone we’ll be able to help.

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