Split (String) for emojis


Hi guys! How to split this string with nice emojis?

Patch is here Split Emojii set.v4p (14.3 KB)



interesting one!

the thing is that emojis can be made up of multiple characters… i checked and apparently there is no built-in function that would be able to split such strings. so we have to do that ourselves. vl to the rescue, see split.zip (5.0 KB)

still doesn’t seem to work properly for one of the emoji guys, which i haven’t found out why…

for some background on the problem see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42227358/how-can-i-split-a-unicode-string-into-multiple-unicode-characters-in-c


Is this latest alpha only? Cause with b35.8x64 split vl-node it’s a red disappointment.


@h99 yes, sorry, forgot to mention, thanks for pointing out!


@joreg Thank you, sir! Works out of the box with latest alpha