Split node from a Record got an Output output pin

hello all,

on gamma 2021.4 preview 602, I saw the following behavior :

  • I had a Record T with just a few properties, and two Create and Split operations
  • One of those properties was of type Encodings (note the plural)
  • In my application, I had a Split node of that Record and realized I actually set the wrong type, I was looking for System.Text.Encoding (side note : when trying to write Encoding (singular) gamma forces Encodings (plural), and the only way to get Encoding is to type the full name)
  • I went back in my Record’s definition and changed the type to be System.Text.Encoding
  • After going back to the application, the split node had a an output named Output of type T, like if was from a class rather than a record

why was this extra pin added? I thought it had to do with adding a mutable type, but then after deleting it, the output stayed there.


tried to repro in a fresh document but could not get the same behavior.



All operations on classes and records have an output pin where the instance itself is passed along. However on records that pin gets marked as optional should the system recognise that nothing gets written inside that operation. Maybe while modifying your patch you got into that state and the system added the output pin. In future you should be able to get rid of it by right clicking the node and disable it.

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