Split (DShow9)

I would appreciate to have a node to split a Videostream into two outlets.
propably not possible?

yes, i know about splitcam and will give it a try now.

splitcam doesn’t support my resolution (800*600)

and btw:
what i want to do is:

making automatic brightness and contrast adjustment via pipet for optimal results with contour-freeframe.
inter-rendering with AsVideo is just too lame…

how about the preview output on VideoIn?


i thought this wasn’t possible.

silly me.

throttles 35fps down to 8 fps
doesn’t work at all after reloading.

for me it works after reloading a patch. if you try with two VideoOut windows they might lay just on top of each other after reloading. there position cannot be saved.

concerning the framerate, you mean the fps of vvvv or the videoinput? try increasing the fps input of videoin!

on the other hand 800x600 is really large…