Splines and Spreads of Spreads

Hi everybody,

I start feeling really stupid. Now I finally managed to create the basic figure of some lines reaching from the center to outside. Those should be displaced by some random Spline movment. Unfortunately I just don’t understand the mechanics good enough. Which parameters are to be entered at the Spline-Node, in this special case. I’ve been experimenting, and that patch, is the best I could come up with, so far.

Maybe someone of you guys, has some hint,



playing_with_b-splines_004 (circular splines).v4p (2.0 MB)

just bringing this up, in case any binsizr experts missed it ;-)

Hi dreh
“Those should be displaced by some random Spline movment.” describes nothing to me
try explaining it a bit more detail, or knock me on skype… so i can help u
at the moment u can replace whole b-spline thing with just “+” node to get same result, and i’m not sure if b-spline is actually a 3d node, so to make it work like that u might need to order data other way, but that need’s testing

is that what you need?

playing_with_b-splines_004 (circular splines).v4p (93.2 kB)