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Hey there,

i am fiddling around with the SplineBuffered Node and i found that there is no way to color each spreaded spline differently.

The only way this is working is when i spread the splines via the transformPin in the phongdirectional node. The problem is that every Spline is the same when i do it that way. But i want them to be different from each other.

Is there a way to get them colored differently and also keeping the possibility of different coordinates for each spline?

Heres the vvvv patch:
Spliner.v4p (24.1 KB)

And the VLpatch:
VVVV.Value.Template.vl (35.9 KB)

greetings knoeterich

You can do a couple of things
-use a ‘buffered’ shader and you can send a spread of colors through dynamic buffer(color)
-The spline node has a texture transform pin that can take a buffer. You can use this to define color on all spline via a singe texture (or for that matter a gradient on each, whatever)

ConstantBuffered is not really working either with the ColorBuffer or the TextureArray and i think i understand why. It wants me to spread after i inserted all the coordinates in the SplineBuffered but that leaves me with only one kind of shaped spline.

Fun thing i mentioned is that the ColorBuffer takes the last color of the ColorSpread.

So i think the solution is in using the TextureTransformBuffer of the SplineBuffered to insert the colors.
But using the DynamicBufferColor for isnt doing anything.
How can i use that buffer to define the color on all splines?

Use the IID buffer that the spline node provides. From your picture you are basically telling the drawing shader to instance the entire group of splines repeatedly

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Sometimes i am very blind ;)

Thanks so much for the help!!!

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