Spline path editor

here: http://www.ozone3d.net/camera_path_editor.php

xml recording of points of control is possible.

does anyone interrest to work on it ? ( a patch to load xml positions of ctrl points ?)

if you wanna go for it, the community will help you for sure, me too.

till know i didn’t have a need for something like this.
otherwise you would find something related on my modules pages…

but i have some indifferent feeling that this changes soon…

go for it, i’m with you, bro.

eh eh kalle…
yes it spossible I have a look on it really to edit simply my paths. I dont know why but i was thinking that xml files were readable… I will have a look on it … ;-)

OSC decoder may be usefull perhaps ?

oh my dear friend,

don’t you know
XPath (XML)

your girlfriend will miss you the next weeks…

oh no… i need to put all my computers in a box and close it !

hey there every body contribute to the new XML wiki!

just to understand you right:

you don’t want to use the existing B-Spline editor, like the one demoed in here:
PointEditor (3d Persistent Extended) help.v4p

and that’s because you want to edit the points in another program, right? and you want to have Bezier curves instead of B-Spline curves? and that’s because…

hello gregsn… i will have a look at it .
kalle helped me a lot for accessing to xml. but this is not reall convincing actually. here.

test.zip (6.7 kB)

hi karistouf

it looks like reading the file works. didn’t look at each number, but… :)

only a few things go wrong here.

  • B-Spline (3D) is a module for sampling points on a B-Spline curve - but it looks like you are reading a file which specifies a bezier curve
  • Degree is meant to be 3 as a default. for now let it constant at 3. most 3d programs only work with splines with degree 3
  • Helper Count also can also stay at a constant value, like 100. it only specifies the resolution of the line representing the curve. it is only meant to be a helper layer to see the spline in 3d as a whole

hi gregsn , first many thanks for your nice remarks

So wich module should i use to make path for displacement of objects ?

yesterday i was on hotline with kalle ( ouf !) about xml files and tricks and i learned a lot with his help about xml!

patheditor is strong ! thks !
i was thinking to use essentially ozone3d spline editor because its simple, the save in xml is perfectly safe, and very easely workable in a complex patch to load paths and select them thuth xml attribution…

here is what the 2 curves should look. the help file is of course not ok. but the reader is very ok.

i mm wondering in fact how to use this spline xml file, wich contains keyfarmes of the spline, and controls.
its also exporting like this:

  • Point Array XML format (*. xml): Selected the spline is exported as an XML file describing neutral for the time standard from 0 to 1, the position of a point on the spline. This format is mainly reserved for application developers.

butthis last manner is editing points all along the path and this is heavy ( 6000 points for the sample).

should i use a regexpr, and how to use casteljeau algotythm ?

spline_inprogress.zip (324.2 kB)

hey just found an old patch of mine. might touch the topic.

dynamic camera path.v4p (36.4 kB)

ah: and you can do a bezier also with that multipurpose B-Spline node. however this is just a sketch…

3dcamera_path_splien_editor() help.v4p (21.2 kB)

hi gregsn. thanks.
helas B-spline 3d (wriggler) is broken in your patch (vvvv group).r
but if i well understood, i could arive to draw it exactly as in 3dpath editor, thats right ? ;-)

what is broken?
did you try beta20?

edit: you need to put that patch into your spline_inprogress folder.

hi gregsn !
first thanks for beta 20 ! lovvvvely double right clik !
no, this is broken as you are using Bspline 3 or Axis from vvvv modules groups. i will try to get it work with xml marker.

3dcamera_path_greg_sn_2008.12.26-11.12.17.jpg (102.2 kB)

are you sure you opened it with beta20?
the screenshot suggests that you didn’t.

try the zip attached please.

edit: ah, i wanted to say try it with beta20, not “try beta20” in general… :)

spline_inprogress.zip (325.7 kB)

gregsn… merci … really…

this will save me an enourmous time to design path …

here is the app, for those who would like to use the patch.


a vvvvvvvvverrrrrrryyyy happy karistouf ( 2 times in the same day its too much for a simple man)

CameraPathEditor_Setup.exe (2.9 MB)