actually, i didn’t know where to post this, so here it is.

is there a way to move the green splashwindow which shows up when starting up vvvv?
not, that i don’t like it, but when workin in spanmode it’s cut in the middle an IMHO not very neat like this ;)

i think there is no way to do this.

mm. maybe you can do it with one of your graphiccards tools. ati comes with hydravision and nvidia also has some features in their driver that let you influence the popup position of windows…

Only time I tried to use the nvidia tools, the dialog boxes popped up solely on monitor 2 no matter what I did, bloody annoying!
Radion doesnt seem to support spanmode again, anyone else had this problem?

nono. for ati cards you only need the catalyst control center to switch to fullscreen!

Thats odd, maybe its because its a laptop?
I only get extended or clone options without it, ccc used to give me the span option, but not any more!

i just downloaded ccc yesterday for my laptop ati card and span mode works.

in case your laptopmodel is not suppored by ati (like mine was) get the mobility-mod

i tried it with an hp laptop which is not supported by atis driver. so i am using the hp provided driver. ccc seems to be independent of the driver and worked for me.

I already got Omega drivers on, How odd!