hello, i come from jitter-land and i come in peace…hihihi

as a quick start i´ve just translated a series of expressions in vvvv.
please see the simple attached patch, that renders some kind of spirals. i am very happy, that i do not have to mess around with cos, pi etc. my problem: an increase in spreadcounts makes the whole stuff smoother but thinner and thinner, which leads me astray from my aims to generate dynamic tubes and/or some kind of highways like in the retro surfer example. basically the outputs of my spreads are very small. what to do? mapping? multiplying? trashing the patch…
i hope i uploaded the patch correctly.
cheers, didi

== 3d head of imago: http://joreg.ath.cx/imago/
back again after a long delay in oct06

SPIRAL1.V4P (16.6 kB)

elo head.

strange. your patch won’t open here. can you please open/modify/save it again on your machine and then re-upload it here? hm…

same problem here

managed to open the patch after renaming the file extention from capital-letters to .v4p

will have a deeper look at it tomorrow.


sorry. i saved the patch on my shuttle and mailed from my mac. everything is written in capitals then. please change ending. if this does not work, i will zip the file and mail again soon.
thanx for your efforts.


silly me. i fixed that.