Spilt pic on two beamers


were new to vvvv and just wanted to ask if the following setup would be
possible :

two laptops connected via tcp/ip , each connected to a beamer generating
one big picture.
a movie with the double dimensions (2 x 720 * 576) splited and displayed
on two beamers - so that a moving object could “jump” from screen one to screen two? any hints?


should be no problem, read the Boygrouping page …

Keeping them in sync might be a problem though, you’d have to experiment

thanks for your suggestions.

i try to setup the boygroup thing, read the doc , try our taktthat but
im nor sure how to setup this for simultanious video playback…

  • started the server (/server)
  • started the clinet ( / client serverip)
  • put the videofile in the same path relative to vvvv.exe
  • selected all nodes an server and strg-B


boygroup (server)-node
videoout -node

boygroup (client) node

is this setup correct?

basically as soon as you start the video on the server it should start on the clients as well.
typically you will want to just start a video, not continuously seeking it to a new position given from the server (anyway some codecs like picvideo give amazing quality even when seeking each frame)

just triggering the videos and letting them run unsynchronuous works fine for short clips. if you play longer movies (more than 5-10 minutes), you´ll need to synchronize the playback rate of the videos on the machines, otherwise the videos go out of sync after a while. the standard boygrouping doesnt take these drifts into account. how fast the machines drift away depends on the quality of the components of your pc, temperature differences in the enclosures etc. but it is a quartz oscillator. not too bad.

tonfilm did a little patch here which changed the playback speed on the clients if the measured timing differences between the server and the clients gets to high - this helped us to play back 11 videos for a 360 degrees projection in a loop.
i think he can post his patches soon…

yes, for sure, i will upload a convenient module to sync videos on different network computers. but its not finished yet, please be patient …