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Hi All,

I’m looking for a plugin for Sphero (Sprk+). There was a workshop regarding this topic in Node15. If there’s a lucky one who participated in that and can share any material controlling Sphero from v4 I’d be vvvvery happy.
Also would be nice to get some info how to write a plugin based on an SDK.


hey gal,

concerning third part SDK plugin development, you can browse github to find vvvv contributions source code. evvvvil’s twitter plugin has been a great learning ressource for me :)

vvvv’s documentation on dynamic plugins can also be a good ressource to understand how the PluginInterface works.

If you wanna go VL you can also check this contribution that comes from a node17 workshop on plugin development in VL.

On the sphero part, I don’t have anything :/



@mino is the material of this workshop available somewhere?

I would be very interested too !
thanks in advance

@galaktika @joreg
co-host of our workshop at node15 was try to create sphero plugin, but he couldn’t.
i researched a lot about sphero developer information these days and find out vvvv plugin could be possible, but don’t have much time about it right now.

first, there is no .NET SDK. they have UWP SDK(https://github.com/orbotix/Sphero-Win-SDK) and example which can control sphero by C# but not desktop app. i tried access UWP API from desktop app, but stack on add manifest for access bluetooth device.

i confirmed paring sphero to windows 10 with bluetooth and appear as serialport to communicate through rs232 node.
there is also node.js plugin of sphero, which can find raw message to control sphero from javascript. https://github.com/orbotix/sphero.js?files=1

so there are some possibilities to control sphero from vvvv.

  1. vvvv plugin with UWP API from desktop app.
  2. plugin or module send/receive raw message same as node.js one.
  3. create UWP app to bridge vvvv and sphero via osc or any protocol on desktop.
  4. create node.js app and use node.js contribution to access it
  5. create iOS/Android app with sphero mobile sdk and communicate via osc.

unfortunately i’m busy so cannot try all.

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