Spherical camera lens

is there a way to have a panoramic camera in VVVV? A kind of Lens Shader like this:http://www.andrewhazelden.com/blog/2010/11/latlong-lens-shader-compiled-for-mental-ray-for-maya-2011-on-mac-os-x/

how about cubemapping? see the startuppatch of beta26…

for what you linked convert the texture coordinates from spherical to cartesian coordinates and use it as the view vector when sampling the cubemap. that’s what the shader below does. (and you can transform the original texture coordinates and the view vector separately)
for fish-eye-like distortion simply use a reflected cubemap on a sphere.
oh and it works only in beta26 as it requires a cubemap texture.

LatLong.fx (3.1 kB)

thanks guy’s ! great help !

@ diez - I have a nice fisheye camera setup if it’d be useful.

I find the cubemap method heavy