Spheres not overlap

Good afternoon guys!

Tell me how to create a lot of spheres, but that they do not overlap?

thanks to all!

maybe you’r touching a non-trivial problem here?

… or you can try to hack something with an attractor per sphere?

there is an old discussion about 3d circle packing here: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/12293
and a more recent vl-approach by @honix: forum-alpha/vl-sphere-physics-patch

quoted from https://discourse.vvvv.org/
the predictability is kind of sad…


maybe Bullet can help achieve your goals, see physics

Hi @joreg

VL - sphere-physics patch not work.

I dos’t know why =(

I use vvvv aplha x64

just needed to re-create the red nodes… (was made with a quite early vl-version i guess)

spheres physics.7z (10.3 kB)

thanks sebl!


dos’t work =(

position NAN, NAN, NAN … =(


latest alpha?

hi @sebl


i have vvvv_50alpha34.105_x64

just some changes to make it work with beta39
spheres-physics_beta39.7z (21.1 KB)