SpellValue node has date out


when i want to send string"0f 55 9f 00 00 9f f0 aa" via RS232,i recived a string like this:“0f 55 3f 00 00 3f 65 61”.i have tested all the questions,and like the pic.waiting solve method,thanks all.

HEX Converter+_test_good.v4p (12.1 kB)

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probably a string encoding issue. but there’s a much easier way as of beta29, see this blog post or attached patch. tested with realterm.

HEX Converter+_test_good2.v4p (6.9 kB)

also the problem with SpellValue is now fixed for latest alphas.

so if i send this string ,how can i get this string in the SCM(Single Chip Microcomputer )with 16bit? but send this string’s ascii,we can get the wright string of 16bit.if so,it can be date out.like “0f 55 9f 00 00 9f f0 aa” via spellValue(ascii) and sended,then we recieved hex string like"0f 55 3f 00 00 3f 65 61".here 9f\fo\aa all more than 127,and it gets another numer like 3f instead.

newsheng, sorry, i have no idea what you’re talking about. please try to illustrate your question with a patch. make sure to use the latest alpha build when doing so.