Speech languages

Hello everyone,
do you know if I can do text to speech in a language different from English?

I’m working on a patch in which you can turn off elements just by saying “turn of -name of the element-” any suggestion?

Thank you!!!

hei margu,

sounds like you mean “speech-to-text” (not text-to-speech), right?

i’m not aware of anything readily available other than the following works-in-progress:

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Yes , my bad. Thanks Joreg
Does those two support multiple languages?

yes, the first one, depending on what language packs you’ve installed. the second one depending on what language you specify to test for.

an alternative would be using a standalone solution like snips and then communicate the commands back to vvvv for further handling…

I think italian is supported by Azure. Which is the best one?

in my quick tests azure worked better. but requires you to register with azure and a constant internet connection!

No problem with that

It might sound stupid, but i’m new to VL and I can’t manage to open the azure patch.

Everytime I try to open a vl patch I get this

When I go to Open > AzureSpeechRecognizerDemo.vl nothing happens.
Even if I drag it into the patch it does nothing.

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