Spatial audio component in stride / vvvv gamma

im working on an VR telephone switchboard / obsolete job simulator (telephone operator around 1920) for a university research project.

these work environments sometimes were really loud with a lot of sounds comming from all directions.
i know that in some early versions you had spatial audio allready implemented (there was this blog post with the two moving cubes) but proabably its not finished and therefore not availble in public versions… is there a chance that this feature will be public any time soon? if not is there a possibility to get a prerelease?

We started working on it, but then more fundamental issues needed to be implemented. this will of course be available in one of the next releases.

in the meantime, you can reference the Stride.Audio.dll and patch an audio component. unfortunately we dont have a tutorial for that. but if you try and upload your patch to the forums, we can help you fix it.

i’m wondering if also this could be interesting as an alternative: VL.FMODStudio (assuming they have spatialization options)

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