Spanmode related questions

ive run into a problem which ive hopefully understood…

my patch takes video textures and applys them to an xfile to allow me to do 3d mapping with a pointeditor to adjust the vertices. it works great on one screen but freezes when i try and use the 2nd monitor output.

if i understand correctly its because of a directx issue ( dx only renders to one device? ) which needs spanmode to get round it. as im a win 7 user, i dont have spanmode ( doh ) but i spotted a spanmode plugin in v4.

so before i loose myself in trying to get it working, my questions ( finaly ) are

  • is the spanmode module what i want?
  • if i use the spanmode module, can i make it so one monitor has the graphics output whilst my laptop has a gui ( which i see can be made in v4 )

maybe there is another way round this?

if it helps to know - im on win 7 with a Geforce 9600m gs graphics card.


Yup, vvvv’s biggest flaw (please joreg!) is you can’t use a fullscreen renderer on a dual view setup. The spanmode module only works on spanned desktop.
Do you need video on both heads? 2 renderers 1 has the mesh with video texture, the other mesh without texture.
Alternately you can drag a window to fill the screen and ctrl+8 to hide the border, but performance is reduced compared to fullscreen.

aaaahh…missunderstandings here…

dx renders on multiple devices and so does vvvv. only vvvvs VideoTexture (EX9.Texture) can only render to one dx-device at a time.

there are 2 graphic-card settings:
spanmode (not available on vista/win7):
*one dx-device for multiple outputs on one graphic-card
*a fullscreen renderer stretches over the whole desktop

*multiple dx-devices for mulitple outputs on one graphic-card
*renderers go fullscreen on individual outputs independently
(multiple graphic-cards require multiple dx-devices anyway.)

the spanmode module only helps if the graphic-cards driver is set to spanmode.

so please note, this is not a joreg/vvvv flaw but a win7/graphic-cards driver problem. concerning the videotexture-issue i have promised to keep stumm.

promised to keep stumm? intriguing as ever

there also is the faq-multiscreen