Seems to get worse constantly.

could try a captcha with only one letter

A few days ago in shoutbox: spammer wrote in a bad style its link as it wasn’t clickable, so reshouted immediately, using correct syntax _

These are fierce opponents…

We have now introduced a moderation queue to combat spammers. We have tried several mechanisms, such as captchas, blacklists and text analyzers, all of which did not result in usable spam protection. Posts of new users will be added to a moderation queue and approved by the admins and devs. We hope this will help protect better than before. I you experience any weird behaviour while posting, please let us know in this thread. this one?

That looks quite nice actually :). But our problem is, that humans are actually registering for the site and then posting spam to the forums. Also they don’t seem to post the regular penis enlargement stuff but texts written in proper english. For now we don’t see any other solution than the moderation queue. I think it’ll work out.

Dave’s point is right, The spams are mostly coming from registered users and not from guest user or bots.

Does moderation queue means after posting a thread it takes a while to be authenticated by the devs to showup in the forum? How about report spam link somewhere in the site so we may drop the spam link for the devs/admin notification to remove the post?


'Cause these humans are waiting exactly for that. You can report spam links, as they can. It would be the perfect delicious dish…

For new users, it will take some time for the new post to show up. If you’re a “trusted user”, your posts will go live directly without having to pass the moderation queue upfront.

@dave: aah, makes sense and definitely work out :)

How about Akismet?
It’s basically a blacklist for human-entered comments.

sogen, We had considered that, but we didn’t have success with mollom and I was unsure if any other service would work. We’ll stick with moderation for now. But thanks for the tip.

dave, and how about blocking IP using .htaccess?