SpaceMouse VL Plugin


Made a little VL plugin for the SpaceMouse:

should work for all of their devices.
Tested with the SpaceNavigator
Should be compatible with the existing SpaceMouse plugin in the addonpack.


…yours faithfully,
vvvvpraxisintern dominikkoller (24.6 kB)

this is still top gear when tasked with navigating 3d, or VR.

@velcrome do you then happen to have ready modules that take the spacemouses output and convert it for either camera- or object orientation use?

@kalle made an excellent camera module back in the day.

well i have one but that is only a “behavior/device” to my vobject oriented camera system (or VOOCAM). i haven’t pushed the SpaceMouse behavior to github yet (to mcropack) but i’ll do it tomorrow (after some tidying as well)
this is the thing btw: voocam

hhhm link doesn*t work

I’ve done some minor renaming and categorizing - so here’s an update.

Also I’ve made the repo public: (26.8 kB)