SpaceMouse support

Here is a little application and a module to allow VVVV to interface to the 3DConnexion/LogiCad/Magellan SpaceMouse.

To use put the module “SpaceMouseUDP (Devices)” in the usual place and run the included application. The module should return the readings from your SpaceMouse. See comments in the module for operation of the buttons etc.

I’ve included the C source files in VisualStudio 2003 c++ format. You’ll need the SDK from the 3DConnexion web site as well if you want to try and write an update.

The communications path borrows kalle’s idea of using UDP to the localhost as an inter-application communication path.

As a freebe the demo patch also includes a patch to build a rotation matrix about an arbitrary axis (something I couldn’t find in VVVVs default modules. Can someone confirm it isn’t there?)

Hope this is useful to someone. (97.5 kB)