Space Navigator

Well, it finally arrived in the post, and for the money I am Surprisingly pleased, the weight of it is gorgeous and the puck offers the same resistance/feel I remember from the spacemouse…

However, I have a small annoying bug which is that it seems the Navigators own Control Panel needs to have focus otherwise I get jerky motion in vvvv whilst it is sending data.

I am useing Kalle’s Navigator module, that uses the HID node.




simply don’t install or uninstall drivers and control panels.

the spacenavigator doesn’t need it.

Yes! Thank you so much Kalle. That has solved the issue.

However now I lose the LED backlight thing on the unit. :(

How do I hunt the byte to set for this? It would be great to get some visual feedback going with the unit.

Thanks in advance


to clarify this, there are 2 ways to use 3dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator in vvvv:

@ Joreg.

Thanks for clarification.

Spacemouse plugin is not supporting my units second button? but allows LED

Hid works with no driver, but no LED. :(