Space Curves


i saw this application in the henry ford museum in detroit and want to realize this in vvvv.

The real life application would be a few strings exposed with a projector with different shapes. But this should also be cool do design in vvvv and play with it from different signals and viewing angles.

Can you please help me to bring this alive? I’m basically familiar with vvvv and i’m able to modify existing patches or do simple things from scratch, but this seems to be hard atm without a good hint.

Thanks for your help <3

Have a great weekend

one more picture…

I wonder, if it could be achieved by raymarching? Provided that the source of “beam of light” as the position of camera, as you know the angle and size of every layer of cones, you know the ray march direction. Then, if the string surface is a SDF, then, you got every intersection points.

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Well generally speaking you don’t really need everything raymarched for that, it’s enough to have a shader with simple cone distance function and then you can easily intersect it with normal geometry…

Hi, you could also check this library there are some similar examples.
It´s not designed for realtime applications but it would be interesting as starting point.

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Here you can start here… (5.5 KB)


Hey, that are great hints. Thanks you so much.

I need to grow into this, but will write back with results or questions ;-)

Best regards

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