Maybe it’s a bit hard to explain and understand here, but… here I go:

I must create a landscape with sound. It’s a common landscape, but when you move the mouse on it, you hear sounds.

So I have got a patch in which two images are loaded each through a filetexture node. One of them is a common image and the other is based on it, though it’s divided into colour areas and lies under the common one. Well, the common one is there just for aesthetics. The thing is, when I move my mouse on a red area of the loaded image, I must hear a bird, when I move it on a blue area, I must hear a car, or whatever. These sounds, just wavs, were loaded through filestream nodes.

What’s the matter? Well, apparently I am doing what the teacher said, but in the best of cases will only hear one of the three or four sounds. How can I load the wavs so that the patch will work properly?

soinupai.v4p (76.1 kB)

I thought we had a spreadable player for you, but couldn’t fix it to spread the sound.

You should learn about spreads, because you are copying the same group off nodes a few times.

I cleaned up your patch a little, not sure it is what you want, but use it as an example to learn about spreading ;) (174.2 kB)

er, thanks, only I didn’t create that patch - it was my teacher, hahaha! I guess I’ll have to manage without making big changes.

Haha, teach your teacher about spreads and become the teacher. :P

And while you at it, teach the teacher about the VLC filestream from the plugin pack, that might just work for your situation.