Soundreactive graphics

Please upload an image illustrating your workshop

What’s happening in your workshop?
What values do we get from a sound-source? Apply those values to graphics using the visual variables form Bertin. (shape, color, size, orientation, texture)

What will people learn?

  • how to use the FFT output
  • group frequences
  • combine skia and stride world (create “ambient” with stride and shapes using skia)

Who is it for?
everyone, who is interessted in starting with audio and graphics.

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
(bullet points)
vvvv basics

A session is 3h. How many sessions does your workshop need?

What’s the teaching level?
(intermediate, advanced)
advanced beginners - intermedieate

How do you qualify for the topic?
I have been working with vvvv since 2008 (currently: and
I have been teaching vvvv and generative image based creation since then (currently: and Made realtime live visuals in a collective called VJ Duo Taxon for several years.


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