Soundproblems - HELP!

Hej People,

I hope that somebody can answer tonight.

I am analysing sound. I use tonfilm-BeatDetection (FFT4Channels (DShow9 Resample).v4p and BeatDetector (Value).v4p).

I need 2 tools in the same patch:

  1. analysing Microphone
  2. analysing Soundcard

I made copies of the both Tonfilm-Patches - to be able to use different settings.
I load an original patch and set it on microphone-input. And then I load the copy-patch and set it on soundcard-input. Than the input of the first patch switches off…

I dont believe its not possible to analyse both inputs separately. It looks like I missed something very basic.


Thanks, Juliett.

no sorry, its not possible unless you have two soundcards or a soundcard with multiple input channels. normally a soundcard has only one physical device for an input source, which is either switched to mic or line. AudioRecordSelector can switch the input source.

Bad news…

But anyway thanks for info. I didn`t want to give up on trying.

but tonfilm, wasnt it you who put the stereo feature into the fft?

so if you have a clever cable and an external microphone amplifier you could use the left channel for the mic and the right channel for feeding back your sound card out into the input. you will need to modify tonfilms module to deal with the outputs of the FFT separately, but this should be pretty straighforward.

Thanks. I`ll try it… once…

but don’t blow your soundcard/speakers. some soundcards/drivers allow you to ‘monitor’ the incoming signal (aka output the input directly), and sometimes this feature is set to ‘on’ by default. a hardwired feedback-loop can cause damage to sensitive speakers and possibly your soundcard.