anyone knows what’s up with the guys Soundlight?

This spring i orderered an USB-DMX-device, which i sent back immediately with a friendly note after i found out it is a new generation which is not working with vvvv anymore.

So far so good - but they refuse to refund the money. Even further, they do not react at all to any request about what the matter is and so on. Is that normal with that company in your experiences? I am quite staggered, because never had anything like this yet - it is quite rude in fact in my opinion to refuse to answer at all.


no its not nice. and backward compatibility is normaly fair programming…
i have also an old soundlight…
have you got a C/C++ sample file of you actual soundlight, i can compile it perhaps for little cat, in blind, and then send it to you for testing.


soundlight is in the business for a long time now.
i can hardly imagine this.

qouting toni from cologne (a pro-friend of mine):
"Das er sich nicht meldet ist komisch, aber nüchtern betrachtet ist das wirklich nicht sein Problem. Er bietet ja diverse Software an mit der das Interface läuft. Oder steht auf seiner Website: Läuft mit vvvv?"

@Kalle: not the first post i m reading about old soundlight and new soundlight in vvvv forum… maybe because soundlight construct and is furnishing a dashard dll for the Nicolaudie’s Sunlite. Obviously procedures and lp_callback are note the same.

BUT… i just came back from
Is it the USBDMX2 you have bought ? if yes there is no change at all in the way of talking with it about dll and procedures to talk since 5 years. The same old protocol and orders, same dll.

so Kalle pointed it right about this STRANGE affair.
maybe there is something strange about your patch ? can you send it ? or just have a look to it: is it the USBDMX 1 or 2 ?

since 2006 it seems that soundlight has build for Nicolaudie/sunlite an other way of dll… functions are quite the same but lp is changing of name. maybe it could be this thing ?

Hi. I have received a sunlite interface ( siudi 6c), and made its code inside of little_cat
It is based on dashard2006.dll

anybody can make a test with the new soundlight usbdmx2 ( giving it the Inteface ID N° 6) ?

just to know if you have now an entry from vvvv to this type of hadrware ?

cheers ;-)

ok. more info on the topic…

Daslight company is building a lot of DMX interfaces for a lot of dmx packages. including soundlight Cie.

There is a change with dashard.dll to dashard2006.dll.
The old soundlight where working with the first dll, the new soundlight works with the new dll. tahts for aksel problem.

the change is really quite not noticable in code. but in dll yes.

dashard2006.dll is used for following hardware:

Dashard DVC2 GOLD DVC2 512 DVC2 128-M DVC2 ECO 512
mostly the advantage of this dll is to be general to many hardware ( dashard is really furnishing a lot of devices on the market), you may find interfaces, like the Ronin’s one working also with this dll.

wich means: actually you can use a brand new soundlight with vvvv, using little_cat in Sunlite mode ( dashard2006.dll).

I m planning to write a plug-in, this to enable a more quicker communication, and to begin having a foot in C sharp.

if you have a different hardware based on those dll, please let me know, this is always interresting to know .