Soundlight SLESA-IP Ethernet-DMX interface

I digged a nice litte Soundlight SLESA-IP DMX512 Ethernet interface out of the storage-room and really want to get the thing going via vvvv. The thing is connected via ethernet.
I managed to get a dimmer-pack working via the SLESA using the software, that is included with the DMX-interface. But I have no idea how I would connect via vvvv.
Please give me a hint. Thanks!

it seems to be another OEM interface by sunlite. i called soundlight to ask them but unfortunately they are at the ShowTech Fair in Berlin at the moment.

but according to the manual the SLESA IP has these factory settings:

Steuerung: EtherNet (TCP/IP)
IP: (voreingestellt, veränderbar)
Passwort: JULS (voreingestellt, veränderbar)

so perhaps its possible to sniff the protocol the software sends?

Thanks kalle.
I tried using a sniffer and, um yeah, I sort of see what’s going on. It is not completely clear though. see for yourself.

The software is constantly sending something, even if I do not change any sliders. On changing sliders, manymany lines appear in the sniffer-monitor. I tried to copy/paste some into io-boxes and send them via the UDP-knot but, not much of a surprize, nothing really happened, except some timid blinking of the LEDs on the SLESA.

i have seen many dmx interfaces which just send out 512byte packets periodically to send all channels of all fixtures as often as possible. the observed byte size of 554bytes somehow looks very plausible. so i basically expect you could just keep the first 42 byte of each packet and the remaining 512 bytes are your 512 slices of the dmx channels.

note that the first 42 bytes might be unnecessary garbage, but also might encode things like checksums which might be tested by the interfaces in an arbitrarily complex way - for example assuring that the interface only works with specific software…

thanks sebastian…that trick worked!
For the records:
The first 28 bytes get transmitted by default. The SLESA expcts you to send something like "Sunlight_ hex:20 " followed by 5 arbitrary letters. see attached patch.
The problem is: This works only when the “Easy Stand Alone” application is running in the background.
Does this have something to do with dll’s like DASHARD.dll?

DMX (Devices Soundlight SLESA-IP).v4p (11.1 kB)

AHA! I got some response of the busy soundlight-people.
They sent me the attached files. Among it also a dll-file called DASNET.dll that is supposed to solve my problems. Also included is a cryptic PDF with some strange informations that I do not understand at all…

DASNET.dll in the v4-folder doesn’t make it work without the “Easy Stand Alone”. But I guess that would have been too simple.

Here are the files:

Thanks for your help.

the shiny new DMX (Devices Sunlite SLESA) node of beta14 made me come up with the SLESA-IP box again. It still works with running Easy Stand Alone software in the background and hacked leading bytes only.
I think I need to get vvvv to load the dasnet.dll somehow: I suppose thats what the Easy Stand Alone software does when it is running in the background. Can this be patched somehow or will it need to be done within vvvv?