Soundcard recommendation 2016

hi all

please recommend a reliable external audio interface for a permanent installation.
I just need one XLR out.

thanks :)

I think you can onlu get expensive interfaces with XLR, but if you are up for adapting balanced TRS jacks to XLR (standard adapter you can buy) then eg. the Steinberg UR22 should have good drivers

As much as it pissed me off with ultra sonic noise ( above 20k, but I was using it for video synthesis, so that was an issue) the behringer audiophile cards are alright, drivers were solid, can’t comment too much on the sound quality as my hearing is quite damaged from too many gigs, but sounded good to me ;) I had the UMC404HD, has XLR and balanced jacks

if you only need stereo XLR out and guaranteed no power adapter noise on the audio signal i’d go for this one:[fohhnproducts]=667&cHash=a5d2a6066ad458bcd71099d20efd3b99

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