Sound question

how can I do for using the block FFT(Dshow9) with the input the block FileStream, and to listen to the file mp3 that the block is operating FFT?


Maybe using two FileStream nodes reading the same mp3? One is connected to FFT and the other one to the AudioOut node… Just sinc the two FileStream nodes by a common start/reset IObox…

This worked for me but I think there are more ‘elegant’ solutions ;)


better say node than “block”.
less irritations…

2 approaches in attached Patch.

have fun.

DShow9 (Tutorial).v4p (26.3 kB)

in the way as you have recommended me you work, but it don’t seem the best way.
for now I use it however this way.

the second solution with AudioMixer and InputMorph, is perfect for what I have to do.
thanks thousand.