Sound Play for dummies!

Hey newbie here (for gamma and vvvv).

I’m trying get some fun with vvvv and play some sound but I don’t understand how it works!

I’m using and the AudioPlayer nodes but I can’t figure out how to connect it to the renderer!

Can you please explain it for me and give me some example and advice?

Thank you all in advance

hey there, and welcome!

did you check the help browser? it contains several help patches that will help you getting started with the lib.

He @sebescudie thank you! I’ve actually tried tonight, I’ve selected the AudioPlayer, clicked on F1 and I’ve seen the example patch! Then I’ve figured out how to set it and that I needed ASIO4ALL and now Boom IT WORKS!

I want to thank you to answer my question and to encourage me to try and play! I will go on!

Thank you sir!


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