Sorting out "near" values


i’m posting again on the same topic since i’m pretty much stuck and i could really use some help.

The installation has a camera on top and I’m using tbeta to get x,y coordinates for every person walking the room.

the problem is that i can’t fine tune the camera settings to get one single x,y value for each person. instead i’m getting 2 or more blob positions for each person.(lets call this a point cloud). How can i get one single x,y value for every pointcloud based on a threshold of distance.?

i patched something with the intersect(Spreads sets)
but is working correctly for up to two point clouds.

Hope i’m understood. please help (here is the patch)

thanks you

intersectclose.v4p (12.2 kB)

kind of a brute force method, draw circles at the positions and track them with a contour node:

intersectclose2.v4p (12.5 kB)

ok that is nice and clever because it also gives the center of the points and not just one of them.(though it uses 12% of my cpu).

thanks a lot and respect to the community.:)

quite a hard nut. here another patching approach:
it calculates the distances between each points, if distance smaller bla then merge and take the average.
problem is a line of points, where the first and the last don’t fit into the threshhold… you’ll see

intersectclose_try.v4p (29.6 kB)

wow would take me a month to patch that.
indeed it acts a little weird on some occasions but i’m still to figure out exactly how it works. i’m starting to think that maybe a unify(2d) node (or something) would be useful in tracking situation.
for example a multitouch where you can have one type of interactivity for the fingers and one for the whole hand.

anyway thanks a lot you guys for your time and efforts.


hi levy,

woei admitting “this being a hard nut” really makes me curious.
IMNSHO woei is one of the users with deepest experience of vvvv.

this at a first glance.

@ 2nd glance: as expected: not a newbie patch provided by woei…

this one really got me.
another approach.

Group (2d).zip (7.8 kB)

nice one!.. no text …

cool solution, kalle

thx, i couldn’t resist to do a 3d version also…

Group (3d).zip (8.1 kB)

well, this went much better than i expected. I’ll keep asking asking so u guys can make the vvvvorld a better place ;)


vvvvelcome and of course keep asking.

doesn’t matter if your question are not that inspiring than this one was…


i remember users who only wanted to be guide to a way and didn’t want readymade solutions. but i can’t help myself sometimes…