Sort Range check error


from time to time I get a

[validatevalue: error occured in ListOperationNodes.TMSortNode.EvaluateCB](validatevalue: error occured in ListOperationNodes.TMSortNode.EvaluateCB): Range check error

error … can’t reproduce it without giving you my whole patch (sorry so no sample patch provided). Doesn’t occur in beta releases.

added error log:

edit: by the way, why can’t I edit the first post in a row?! (7.3 kB)

fixed… no text …

when was the version you use compiled/downloaded?

vvvv 45alpha28.4 - ce35cdfaaf

I’m a little under time pressure to finish a project … but if I’m done I will have a look if I could provide you an example patch.


thanks for the info… i wonder because i had this fixed some versions before. will re-check.
and yes, having the exact circumstances when it happens would help.