Sort (quickSort) Bug, andTMRawToStringNode error

I’ve noticed that occasionally,ie I cant make a patch to demonstrate it everytime, I get TTY errors with the sort node and quick sort.
Also I’m getting startup errors
00:00:11 * : [validatevalue: error occured in ValueToStringNodes.TMRawToStringNode.EvaluateCB](validatevalue: error occured in ValueToStringNodes.TMRawToStringNode.EvaluateCB): Division by zero
Which again, I can’t reproduce, or rather I can, but only with a monster patch not anything stripped down, have you seen these too?
Should I try and create a patch to show them?

I also noticed TTY throwing some errors related to QuickSort …

can you tell us what kind of errors the Sort node throws? is it range check errors? does the node work or does it crash?

i can reproduce some range check errors, but that is related to delphi and i have no idea what to do about it. the algorithm works as expected in all my tests.

and i have no idea how this should be related with the RawToString node.