anyone know the song from gravediggers, where he sais “when i was born on my head they saw the sonogram of a deamon”. anyway i want to make a sonogram based on work i did in the native instruments reaktor platform…

I need to take a sound file, play it through 20 bandpass filters, and write the output of each filter to a parralel line in a Bitmap, or a graph that would be easy to view and resize in another program…

it is abit of a dream i have to make this sonogram because you can make bit “maps” of 10 000 pixels long, like 2 seconds of sound, and 1024 pixels of band pass filters, and then you can see the sound of a pin drop in the sample, the clarity is amazing.

one day do you think i can read a sound file, pass it to some filters, and write each filter output to a seperate line of a bitmap?

you can do that right now! maybe someone has more time to explain how. search for music3d there is an old patch which kind of does this…

That is some old school music there :D (tif we both mean 6 Feet Deep, Diary of a Madman)

Check out what Tonfilm said, use FFT to analyze the music, use a getslice to pick the Frequencies interested in and than Queue those values and than use it to make a diagram with a line or something.

But mind you, vvvv runs in a framerate, so you will not get 1024 values for 1 frequency in 2 seconds.

If it is about your own tracks, perhaps some cool MIDI tricks to make it happen.

Hm I go inspired and I can recommend using walter wanderley summer samba… the notes are clearly visible :)

EDIT: New file, corrected a small error

Sonogram.v4p (31.9 kB)

Any idea of a clever way to make the frequency scale logarithmic?

I have puzzled with it on some occasions, but keep reinventing the wheel for it.

it would make the scale much more usable even though we are loosing resolution.

@sunep, there is a logarithmic fourrier transform, if you could acces the fourrier code then you could just rewrite n to logarithmic.

Hey IO you a giant Thanks! i am just learning from that sonogram patch it’s brilliant.

Yes FFT is good although it is intended more for basic beat detection, sound detection uses, rather than high fidelity, high framerate sonar, sonogram etc uses, so inevitably all the sonograms out there that use ordinary FFT have aliased, low res images of the sound being played. what is very amazing is to see a bit accurate image of a sonogram, it’s like the difference in between a fractal made on a commodore64 and on a i7 pc, like very high res details up to 10 milliseconds, for examble a drum skin reverberates the same as hitting a pond with a stone and you can image all those ripples like with a camera with a high res sonogram…

this is why i did one in reaktor that uses 1024 band pass filters! the CPU could only run 200 filters in one pass but over a few passes it built up amazing images and i spent a week zooming deep into the audio graphs and learning the audio. that is what i want to do! :D

OK i found an image on the pc of just a bird song using bandpass eq’s.

thanks so much for that sonogram v4p, now i am understanding vvvv, it’s an amazing tool. thanks