Song performance- graphics

Hello guys, I would like to explain my university project to you in order to give me some advice, cause I feel completely lost. My project is about an illustration of moving graphics during a live song performance by a singer. These graphics are going to interact with performer’s voice, based on their voice tune and volume. Basically, the performer will stand in front of a white backdrop and sing, while the graphics through a projector, are going to appear behind them. I want these graphics to have the ability to randomly appear and disappear, and many changes will happen to them, such as repetition, different shapes and colors, freeze for a while and all these operations are going to be performed by connecting a microphone. Some ideas for graphics I have in mind is abstract shapes, smoke, lines, explosions. So, guys I really need your help, I don’t know how to start. I tried to connect a graphic with the microphone and I made it but I can’t connect it to other graphics that I made. Also, I’m trying to bring some objects from Maya but I don’t know how to scale or rotate…my object is huge and I can’t see from where to begin. Thank you… 

you need to get someone experienced to either teach you or code it for you, its not super extra hard to do it, but withouth help its like 2 years plan to learn logic behind vvvv etc. (i presume you are not very experienced coder)