Something wrong when I want to use FUSE in gamma 5.0

Hey guys, I want to check some FUSE examples in the latest gamma 5.0, but I received this window.

Anything wrong I did?
Any ideas?


Looks like you’re using the the 0.X.X branch of Fuse, which is not compatible with Gamma 5.0.

Please try the latest preview from the 1.X.X branch, you can install it by typing

nuget install VL.Fuse -pre

Let us know if it works!


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Thanks very much, Sebescudie ! 🙏

it works for me now 👌.

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with the current version 1.0.0-alpha06 I have some red nodes / links in the helppatches in Gamma 5.0.

HowTo Fake Fluid

Understanding Fluid3D simulation textures


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Hello fantastic people,

Same problem here with 5.0 and latest 5.2. Tried also the latest alpha, same issue.
Also some other helppatches like „hero image“ don’t work properly. In hero the particles do not move - but no red nodes.

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in my gamma was the same but i look at for the same node Fluid 3d and then i reconected to the other pins, on the * node search for the Fuse Math , and fuse math scalar reconect and then it works fine

@sabme Currently, the best combination is the latest Preview version plus Fuse version Beta1 (might be installed with “-pre”)

I’m using 5.3-0327 + VL.Fuse 1.0.0 Beta1

what combination do you use?

@yar I am using 5.2 / fuse 1.0.0 alpha 06. thanks for the recomendation ;)

Most likely the problems are due to this
I recommend using the latest versions as all the API changes are there and you should already be learning from the beta. I also suspect a full release is coming soon. And it’s already worth preparing for major changes.The Fuse Beta1 itself is being developed with new features in mind and there may be compatibility issues with previous versions of Gamma, so it is highly advisable to use the Preview

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