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There is something I am constantly asking myself, because it is something I really don’t use and maybe I am too dumb to see its purpose - but what are these arrows next to the open files actually for? What is their real use case?

I figured it is NOT a undo/redo action, though (to me) it looks like that in the first place. It is more a way to navigate to files in their order of appearance. Is is basically just there to get back to files, that I hid via a middle mouse click? If yes, it somehow feels like there was no better idea to navigate back to these nodes. Couldn’t it just be in the main menu?

And as I am already on to asking questions: Will there ever be a way again to open documents in a separate window? And will we be given the gift of re-ordering active documents using drag&drop? Should I make another forum post for this in the feature request section?


they are navigation arrows, just like in the browser. you can also trigger these buttons if you have a 5 button mouse.

Hmmmm… but a browser won’t switch tabs. I find it a bit confusing, from a UX point of view.

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these arrows allow you to navigate your tab history. not really browser-like, but you’ll find the same UX in visualstudio and maybe other editors. really best you navigate the tab history using the thumb buttons on a 5 button mouse, but you can also use keyboard shortcuts > and control+>. i agree the buttons are overly prominent for hardly ever will one use them over the mouse or keyboard shortcuts…

absolutely, we have this listed as “improve navigation” lready on our future roadmap.

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah, it could be more decent or like I said in the menu… but now that I think of it it makes sense to have the tab history function project-wise. What I think confuses me most is that it jumps between tabs of different patches that are currently open. Which would be solved if every patch just opens in a new window… looking forward to it! :)

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