Some simple problems

Hi, im new to vvvv and after experimenting for a week or so have run into a couple of problems that i cant quite work out.

  • Wow… i just typed up several paragraphs describing in detail my first problem, and after typing it out realized how simple it was :) Putting it in a coherent sentence really helps… anyway, the problem is: Given a DX9 grid with say, 4 points, if you feed it a spread of 4 color values, it tries to make 4 entirely new grids, one for each slice. Is there anyway to pick a color for each vertex seperately, rather than coloring the entire grid at once?

  • Second problem: is there any simple way to recycle the entire framebuffer and manipulate it for use in the next one (for example, a fadeout or blur effect, an old fasion movement viz effect like the ones you see in wmp.'s crappy packaged visualisations or in milkdrop for winamp, or even just shifting the entire, unaltered framebuffer across each frame to make a timescope effect?

Thats all, i hope my questions were coherent and not particularly stupid, it’s hard to tell at this stage ;)


for the now, my first problem is solved by using Rope instead of a Grid (I think i might be mistaken in the proper usage of the grid anyway), but it would be nice to know if it is possible with a grid all the same.

halo sidd.

vvvvs built in grid is not able to spread colors over its vertices. but of course what you want to achieve is just an other way of spreading a grid. you may want to have a look at the (VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Join) )) node and find out that with it you can patch a grid of your desire.

concerning your second idea: a (DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) )) node connected to the Renderer (DX9) should be what you are looking for.

good lukc