Some relatively easy art installation?

hi again, people!
I find it’s too hard for a beginner, but I have been told to create some art installation involving vvvv. It’s been just a few weeks since we started learning vvvv and I find it too complicated to do such homework. I really, really need help for my project.
It should be a relatively simple thing, maybe using pipet node (another option could be trautner, i.e.). Visitors would have to interact with the installation. We can use video and sound, for example.

Can you help me?

meh i did this kind of stuff in few days on workshops i did, but whatever

anyway! you have to give us much more detail, maybe your patch if you even tried to make it work, sure we will help you if we can, but i would prefer helping in a way that will actually tell you logic behind things than just make a patch for you

The thing is, I have no basic idea. Had thought of something too simple (a sound thing) that has been rejected. I’m afraid I’ll have to include video. So, my main trouble is that I cannot imagine anything and need suggestions. And, of course, it should not be too complicated or else I’ll understand nothing.

oh cmon, so study other art installations and try to take some inspiration, but you have to be able to break down complex installations to simpler parts and mash that up is great source

problem is that you dont want technical help but conceptual, and that is something you have to figure out for yourself

Have tried, but I’m afraid everything looks too difficult. I tell you, I have just basic knowledge of vvvv - all I have done is exercises in patches on my screen, so I can’t understand very well , for example, how something I do in a patch is related to the lights, physical screens or hardware they use.
So I think I should start by doing the easiest things - but I don’t know what these things could be.

so you basically want us to teach you vvvv from basics :)

what do you study? which year? even without basics in vvvv you should understand interaction between sound, screen and human, and based on that you can come up with idea, from which you will build your technical needs, without that there is just deep neverending ocean of vvvv :)

actually I’ve learnt the basics from youtube videotutorials, our teacher just explains outlines & highlights. People are having as much trouble as I, but they don’t seem to care much (which puzzles me).
All I can think of: people entering a dark room and making noise, and depending on what noise they make, certain videos are shown on a screen. Could that be a possibility? And can I do that using vvvv?

like this ?

Yep, thanks, I guess it could be something like that, but that’s not a video, is it? I suppose it’s a renderer showing a combination of shapes that react to hand clapping.
I imagine filestream nodes that are turned on by sound and then go off… something like that, but not sure how to make it real.

to write the two books of 500 pages with small print of how to do this with vvvv …

Whaaat?.. no text …

I see, wow…

well so you want some basic sound to visual interaction, that can be done!
if you will have dark enough room with projector, it is totally possible and its not hard at all - because that is what vvvv knows best :)

go on - try to think of what exactly do you want to show on these projections, if its video from camera - Player would be your best option (it plays stacks of pictures) if its geometry, you can do your own rendering with 3d or 2d geometry

next step would be to imagine how it might look - do it in illustrator, photoshop, blender, or any other software of your choice, so we can better understand each other, and if you reach a certain point i can help you code it, its really not that hard :)

I kinda feel your pain bro, I study on art school in Slovakia, and few teachers we had for subject of interactivity have been total noobs and knew a lot less on the subject than I knew, so my classmates struggles with this like you do

this is for example one of the earliest things done in vvvv and its focused purely on visual generating from sound

and believe me if you first use your skills in concepts, graphics design and interaction and after that focus on technical realization, it would only benefit you in future

I’ll take your advice and draw something at the weekend. btw, nice video, love the cardio line that looks like smoke. Wish I could do that kind of things!

that thing is actually shader made by nvidia i think (i might be mistaken) and it was supereasy to use because someone released it as contribution :) not a lot from my side, just connecting it to audio :)

could this do? I feel it’s easier to describe than to draw.
Look: I put a musical instument in a room and, according to the key or string people pluck there will be different images or videos on the walls. Or maybe some sound files will be played from a computer, or even,instead of videos, some webcam might be activated and show its images on the wall, too.
I guess I’ll need a lot of hardware -maybe webcams, maybe a couple of video projectors linked to the webcams or HD…
What do you think?

Well it can be done but you have to make some compromises and try to think it over even more and try to find works that might be inspiration for this. Its not just finger snapping process :)

OK, I’ll have a look at some videos. Anyway I think it’s quite clear in my head. Let’s see what my teacher thinks…

not exactly what I said, but in this video (sec. 0:40) someone seems to manipulate terminals and then things happen on the big screen:

That’s more or less how I see my project, though instead of those terminals there’d be a musical instrument and some microphones.

What kind of nodes should I use? could fft do the job? (and videoin or filestream conected to that, i suppose)