Some questions of Kinect and Kinect2

I’m currently on the road,I wanted to make sure the details on some of the features of both kinect.Request VVVVs to help me add some detail and correct some errors for tracking multiple people using kinect.
Thank you

kinect 1

Devices Microsoft

Skeleton (Kinect Microsoft)

Devices OpenNI

6 user max Skeleton (Kinect OpenNI)

kinect 2

kinect2-nodes by @vux
6 user max skeletons

This is almost correct.

The Kinect 1 skeleton node can also output 6 Users - however only actively track 2 Skeletons. So what you get if its not fully tracked is only the PositionXYZ (max 6) coordinate per user and an info if the skeleton is tracked or not per user. This will be included in upcoming addonpack i think. In case you need it now i can send a dll.

great!If possible, please send me thanks @ethermammoth)) ,I really have tested a long time , the Kinect1 only for 2 PositionXYZ, and now I 'm buying kinect 2 xbox now online ,and it seen not as easy as I thought ,I also need to hack it.

OK - see attached zip file. Example included.
You need to replace the VVVV.Nodes.MSKinect.dll in your addons plugin folder
vvvv root\addonpack\lib\nodes\plugins

only tested on 32bit (31.4 kB)