Some patches opened as empty

Some random patches opened as empty in latest alpha. I don’t know why it’s happens and not sure how to track this. but it’s looks frustrating. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t install “Visual C++ 2015 Runtime”? It’s only one red quad in setup.exe. But when I trying to install it, I have the error 0x80070666 (another version of product installed yet).

hey yar,

regarding the “other version of product installed”: there are different versions of the runtime. you can uninstall (via windows uninstall) the version you have and then use setup.exe to install the most recent.

still, it’s rather unlikely that this is the reason for empty patches. that sounds alarming indeed. a couple of things to check:

  • create a Renderer (TTY), then open the patch that comes empty and see if there are any errors in tty
  • see if the same patch opens empty in b34.2
  • make sure the patch is not actually empty by opening it in a text-editor
  • upload that patch for us to check

Yeah, installing latest runtime doesn’t solve the problem.
TTY is empty, patches aren’t empty in a text-editor.
BUT b34.2 opens some patches and some patches still looks empty (at least one), all of these patches saved with earlier alpha.
VVVV (38.5 KB)

oh. sorry, and here is the error

ahright, sorry, quickfix:
open your .v4p in a text-editor and in the first line where it says
replace the “https” with “http” and save the patch to have it working again.

explanation: a few weeks ago one of the alphas did write patches with “https” which caused those problems, so we reverted that change.

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thanks, Joreg!

but it still doesn’t work

the error message “characters outside the root element” sound like you didn’t only replace “https” with “http” but also added something (maybe just a SPACE) at the beginning of the first line?

for me your patch opens if i simply do the https->http replacement.

Maybe native windows notepad doing something with file. I will try with another text-editor

Same problem here,
InitBounds.v4p (1.7 KB)
At the studio we have win 10, and at home i have win 7, and even using the same vvvv alpha version i get red and empty patches at home (win7) using the alpha version.
if i open and save it with the current beta and reopen it with the alpha it works again.
Could it be possible to correct it automatically in the next alphas? it is a bit anoing to fix manually all the files.

this bug in action and fix for it:
actually the fix starts at:

this bug has resurfaced in rc 25.5

while both files work alright in beta25.2, the https variant fails in the rc.
ofc the http variant was hand-made as described by @microdee

FloorGrid (DX11.Layer) - https.v4p (21.3 KB)
FloorGrid (DX11.Layer) - http.v4p (21.3 KB)

confirmed. https patch has parsing errors. thanks for finding!

note: this only affected patches saved with a specific alpha-version opened in other alpha-versions.

thanks for pointing it out again. fixed for latest alphas!

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