Some Nvidia RTX 3070 Laptops Available in Europe

Laptops with the new Nvidia 30 series are very hard to get and even harder for a reasonable price. But this shop in the Netherlands has a few in Stock (starting 1699,- €). I’ve just ordered one, in case you are looking for one too:

TongFang GM5MG7Y - 15.6" QHD IPS 165Hz - nVidia RTX 3070 - i7 10875H - Magnesium Alloy chassis

It’s basically an upgraded model of this (webcam now above the screen), which has arguably the best size to performance ratio at the moment: Eluktronics MAX-15 Review - The Lightest RTX 2070 Laptop?

but if your laptop doesn’t fall apart like mine and you can wait > half a year, I’d go for one with intel 11th gen. After some research, I wouldn’t recommend the new AMD chips because they only have 8 PCI-E lanes to the GPU which seems to limit the amount of data you can shovel to the GPU per frame.

if you’re happy with the RTX 2070 model, you can get it very cheap (starting 1299,- €) from them as well:
TongFang GM5MP7Y - 15.6" QHD IPS 165Hz - nVidia RTX 2070 REFRESH - i7 10875H - Magnesium Alloy chassis