Some not too complicated impressive vvvv-examples


I’m not new to multimedia like dataton trax, watchout, medialon and arduino, but I’m very new to vvvv…

My question:
Next year my son’s school is celebrating an anniversary.
My idea is to make some vvvvs for presentation to their parents and local politicians with an art course of the school.
Some of them can handle an arduino, and I think it is a small step to do some things with vvvv.

But what shall we do? Where can I find some impressive examples which are not too complicated?
Maybe it would be possible to found a vvvv-working group!?

It is possible to use school owned monitors, beamers, light- and sound-equipment…

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maybe start with girlpower folder in vvvv location, then continue with contributions and have a good look at girlpower in DX11 folder, as well look at mrmod2 which has some impessive graphical capabilities, particles workshop contribution is great as well, and check out gallery on webpage to see projects done in vvvv for inspiration and reference

definitely this: parasitic-design-a-vvvv-beginners-cookbook

Some nice examples including vvvv & arduino’s can be found here:

the goal of our many (a dozen or more) workshops for vvvv we hosted in dresden and all over the world has stayed true to one cause: the participants are able to build something animated and visual, that reacts to music.
this helps them to relate the use of vvvv to something practical and aesthetic.

I am quite certain that the same principal would work for kids as well, because it caters to the two things. first one we called “multimedia” in the nineties and second one we called “participation” in the oo’s, but together both encompass a fundamental human desire.