Some Kinect2 Nodes dont have pins / appear red


I’m planning to realize this semester project with vvvv. I want to build a “smart”-billbord that reacts to the face/gesture of people. Of course I will use my Kinect2 for that.

I use VVVV 64Bit, the dx11 pack and the Kinect2 plugin provided by vux. I placed the Kinect2 folder in …\packs\dx11\nodes\plugins like someone in the comments explained. The Kinect2 Node and a 2 or 3 other work like they should, but some are red and have no pins (like on the picture - The Depth node appears red first, then turns grey)

I use the lates versions of everithing mentioned.

Does somebody know this problem? I could really use some help, 34 days left this semester :O

Couch Monkey

hi couch monkey :),

are the kinect k4w sdk samples working for you?
if so, than you have indeed some issue with how the plugins are installed.

  1. try unpacking the plugins with 7zip or winrar instead of the default
  2. do you run 64bits?
  3. create render (tty), maybe it has a thing to say about the error
  4. if nothing above helps, you may try to dig deeper with process monitor from sysinternals

Thx for the answer ! :)

  1. Yup, I unpacked it wih WinRAR
  2. I run a 64 Bit System with Win8.1
  3. What is render (tty) is, could you explain that?
  4. Same here, what is that?

Sorry, I’m pretty new to VVVV, so sorry I might lack some very basics.

3 - Renderer (TTY) displays VVVV log messages, most of the time you will find a report of error there. ie. missing textures, invalid function calls.
4 - Process Monitor is a tool that displays real-time activity of processes. It is sometimes too verbose, but it helped me to discover the issues countless times. It shows what the process is trying to do (open file, registry, write) and whether is suceeded or not. This will show you, if VVVV was able to find and use all the required dependencies (dll files).
5 - Instal Visual Studio 2012 Express, compile the VVVV Github repositiories, attach to the process and you can rename yourself to from Couch Monkey to Sun Wukong.

Thank you for your help! I understand that this is not quite trivial, but I’ll try everythig you said.

Render TTY says, that the *.dll tries to access the wrong file format.

Hmm…Wild guess is that you have a different version of SDK then what are Kinect nodes compiled agaist? Then try to copy dlls from Kinect 2 SDK to your Kinect2 pack folder, actually overwrite any existing ones. Try to reinstal the SDK (but I guess you did that several times already)

This error also happens when 32-bit program tries to call 64-bit dlls. Are you opening the nodes in VVVV 64bit for sure?