Some GetSlice thing - only ascending?

^ a very condensed 1slice example of the problem at hand:
Switching through the Slices briefly shows the slices in between BUT!
I want this to only go in one direction:
1 to 9: getSlice 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
9 to 1: getSlice 10,11

Something simple, I know - but the patch this is a vital function of is spaghetti and confusing and numbs my brain. Help, please.

don’t fully understand what you want to achieve…
if you want to cycle through the colors you could just connect the index to the cycle output.

if it’s about having different speeds within different index ranges (eg faster from 2-9 and slower between 10 and 11) see attached

intervals.v4p (6.7 kB)

ok, the example is too condensed :)
I’m making a SplitFlap Display animation - you know, a thing like this: - for which I’m using Case (Value) to turn chars into numbers to be able to interpolate/filter from one char to the next. The Getslice puts the text back together, pulling the right chars from a spread. And it’s all good, except: A splitflap display cycles through its letters in one direction, mine goes back and forth. So, for a spreadcount of 26 I need it to go from A(0) to Z(25) to A(26) to Z(51) to A(52) to usw.

(Hm. Now that I’ve typed it out…goes clicking)

It always helps a lot to try and explain your problem to others… you will see the solution while explaining it.

I think what you want is something like a damper, but put on Cyclic. So from 9 to 1, it will take the shortest route (and doesnt go past 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1). Dunno if we have a node that does this.

@westbam: yes, absolutely! And I’ve gotten somewhere, but not quite reached it. I might be coming close to the solution just being a matter of a well placed S+H (I hope:)

Anyways, to make clearer what I want to achieve:

and to add to the comment “the new one becomes and stays (value+spreadcount)” for all characters at this slice

ascendingGetSlice.v4p (10.6 kB)

i am still a little unsure of what effect you want to achieve, but maybe I can show you a few tricks for your patch, so it can handle all characters.

the thing you asked for does require a feedback loop with a FrameDelay (Value), something that should be handled with extra care, because things can turn a nightmare to debug.
sometimes it is wiser to achieve a slightly different effect but without feedback

ascendingGetSlice.v4p (20.3 kB)


;) At first, I used the ascii way but wanted to get rid off a|l that $ymbol§ and just have basic punctuation marks. I know what chars to expect and there’s only uppercase so… even though Case-node is a bit unwieldy to set up for the alphabet plus numbers plus x, I have more control.

uh, FrameDelay (Value) is red. But I’ll look into that. Thanks!

framedelay is in the addonpack

another compact one, without framedelay
and replaced the case with sift

ascendingGetSlice.v4p (13.9 kB)

Ohyes! Perfect. And the Sift/Sort/GetSlice combo is nice stuff to study. Saving under beautiful.v4p :) Thanks so much!