Some couching plz...:) using vvvv and Processing

Hi ppl!!
Im into developping a project using vvvv and processing. VVVV is tracking the users and silhouttes in the room and Processing is doing the visual work ( grahics and visuals)
Ones we get the X,Y from vvvv then we can trigg the animations coming from Processing??

The installation is about complex ecosystems (like a coral reef) where the user can move in front of a projection wall and her silhouette is tracked by a camera. the tracked silhoutte is used to build a coral in the projection. The user should be able to interact with objects in this projection through her silhoutte.

At the momment I start using the counter patch, I read in other thread about dat…

I want to start simple… maybe if I can read the highest and lowest point on the silhoutte??? need some couching…guiding. :)

Suggestions, ideas will be more than welcome!!


The workflow in Processing is going well but the man concern at the momment is vvvv
Dont really know where to start…

first of all i think vvvv is better for graphics and proc. for tracking logic
i’ve allready had a hard time using both (communicating through OSC), it generally works at the time you edit the patches, but next day…who its better to stick to only one of them.
proc can do a nice tracking job with the Myron plugin, but has a fullscreen bug when you export an app so you need to use the “present” runmode.

in vvvv you can get the min/max points from the contour.dll with the Bounds node separately for x and y and don’t forget the binsize pin. you will have trouble if you try to send contour points to proc. cose it accepts only a fixed number of them while the contour array size changes all the time. you must send for ie. 300 points all the time even if you have much less or more. otherwise proc. crashes.

Hi Viktor ty for answering me!!

wow really? did u have problems…well well…then evreything gets more difficult at the moment for us,we thought we could make communicate well with Processing, we havent tried it yet actually…now that u are say this…:(

So what do u recommend me? work with just one program, in this case vvvv I guess…?


…if you already have gfx made in proc then you should try the MYRON camera plugin for it